Monster 821 overflow tubes advice please


I’m new to motorbiking and would like some advice please.

I noticed that there are dangling rubber tubes underneath my bike. Was informed by the shop that they are overflow tubes.

My question is whether they should be dangling there (see pics) or tucked in somewhere?


Hello Brett.
The tube with the grommet wrapped around it usually sits in a wire clip somewhere, a bit like this on my old 900Sie
OF course your 821 is going to be different?
I would pop into the dealers and have a look at another one if they have one in?

(Oh dear… that needs cleaning and re-painting by the looks of it!)


Hi Brett,

I’ve just bought the 821 at the begining of September and those pipes do just hang down with the rubber retaining ring around them.
So I would say all’s well and nothing to worry about.

Pete. :smiley:

Thanks guys for your advice! :smiley: