monster seats

Greeting Monster lovers. Do I get the message that the seats are not too good. I am thinking (still ) to replace my ST3 with a nearly new Monster 1100 or maybe 796 just to try something different.One of the many great things about the ST is the comfy seat. Are all the seats poor on Monsters ? As it a long time since I started to draw my state pension it is important to my old bum.Would like to hear your opinions .Philip Boobyer

I have been all over the country on my little 600, I have done a good few thousand miles on 1100 and Evo and never had a problem at all

My S4 Foggy seat is quite comfy. A stretch of the legs every tank refill and your alright.

Thanks for that , I still can’t make my mind up about changing from the ST3. Still, good to know that a Monster will be OK in that area.
thanks Philip Boobyer

I was all set to change my monster for something more up to date so I had a long test ride on my dream bike, just as well really as it confirmed that I already had the bike most suited to me. Book a ride on a demo bike and it will be much easier to make the decision.

My 2000 900SIe seat is as comfy as my 1200 Mutistrada.