Monster starter motor problem

[size=150]Hi, I think the starter motor has stopped working on my Monster 620ie. I have done some tests but how can I confirm it is the starter motor? The solenoid is clicking when starter button is pushed. I would like to know before buying new starter and having to strip half the engine to replace it!
If anyone has a starter they don’t need I may be interested.
Look forward to any help, Cheers, Guy[/size]

1 - Check the end of the live feed cable to the starter is not horribly corroded under the rubber boot that is supposed to protect it from all the crud the front wheel throws at it.

2 - Swap the solenoid with one that you know is working to make sure it is not faulty.

3 - Get the back off the starter motor and check if the carbon brushes are worn down and need replacing. It’s a bit fiddly to do it with the starter in situ, but it is possible. (been there done that one evening on the Isle of Man, and the oil cooler lines get in the way on a 916 as well.)

4 - Enjoy the theraputic shed time that comes standard with all Ducatis.


[size=150]OK. Night spent in the shed:-)
I started by checking continuity from battery to solenoid then solenoid to starter motor, all good. I checked solenoid with meter by pressing starter button, again OK, power passed through it. I then checked power was getting to starter motor with volt metre, it was. So I took end off starter motor. Brushes looked worn but OK, so I cleaned everything up and put it back together. Still didn’t work:(
Next I got some jump leads. Connected + on battery to starter motor. It turned over slowly ( as if battery was flat, but according to volt metre it was good, well it was new 2 months ago). So I got volt metre connected to battery then tried starter again volts dropped to about 4v! I still had old battery so tried starter motor by connecting jump leads and starter turned over as it should. I fitted old battery on bike and bike starter :slight_smile:
I bought new battery because it kept going flat on the bike, but it still had charge after sitting in corner of shed!
Why would the new battery drop under load?
Few more tests required to find out what’s going on![/size]

If you end up needing a new motor, I found Electrex make a very nice replacement, give good service and at £82.50 a nice price. Although from the sound of it you have found the problem. I’ve had a lot of problems with batteries over the last couple of years and am currently trying Motobatt batteries on two of my bikes and they appear to work well with the one fitted to my ST4S having a particularly hard time and doing rather well.

With batteries don’t leave them on charge over winter, not even those Optimate style ones, but on the other hand dont leave them on the bike. You need to make sure it is well charged at the beginning of your lay off, then disconnect and give it a little charge every couple of weeks.

That said, this year I’ve binned four batteries, one of which only lasted a few months. I am told that due to the price of lead the cheaper batteries are particularly bad at the moment.

A lot of people replace the wires from the battery to the Solenoid and the Start Motor with higher spec ones, but their is probably no point on a smaller engine as they should not be pulling so many amps.

…and 98sp, I’ve had enough Therapy to last me a lifetime already this year thanks!!!

Cheers for info on electrex, that sounds a good price.

It does seem to be the battery. I am going to do more tests over this weekend. I ride my bikes all year round as I don’t have a car any more, I wasn’t getting enough use out of it, and Wendy has a car that I can use when she isn’t :slight_smile: So battery charging isn’t an issue. Although I do have an optimate 4 that I plug in when required.
I need to get a new battery. A[size=150][/size]dvice on what people think are good batteries is very helpful as there are so many out there. I need one that I can rely on so I don’t get stuck with out transport.

Recently it has been a god send that I have the ST2 and the Monster as it seems every time I fix one the other goes wrong. That is what comes of having two bikes over ten years old and high milage I guess. My mechanic skills are being tested and Google! :smiley:
Cheers again for help, and any more advice on good batteries welcome.