Monster Tail Chop (Circumcision)

I have noticed that the tail chop conversion on the Monster can divide opinions, i have carried out the mod on my S4

The rear section (Dustbin lid) in my opinion may be functional but it doesn’t improve the aesthetics of the bike, the works can be reversed if you dont bin the removed bits, so my S4RS is having the tail chop today

photos of the Circumcision to follow

a set of termignoni carbon cans for sale,PM me

Ordering a set of MIVV GP Carbon cans tonight (See image), so a set of Termignoni carbon cans are up for sale.

I like the chop but not sure I want to do it to mine !!

it is completely reversible, my worry wold be if someone carried out the tail chop and binned the removed components, but surely no one is that daft :thinking:

I have dry fitted the new Mivv GP cans, they look quality and look better/shorter than the termi’s.

Next phase i am going to lift them as high as feasibly possible app 70mm without impeding on the bodywork/frame.

Looks very nice, suits the exhausts as well

i am getting 2 x link pipes made at NRP Bilsthorpe to lift the exhaust a bit higher possibly 70mm

Lads i have had a bit of a mare with my log in, I’ve had to re-register but the S4RS is still mine

Fitted my Akropovic so the Mivvs are on eBay

She’s in the house for winter

Nice, Joy Division fan as well ?

Raising the exhausts 70mm will that not ruin the line of the bike or are you able to raise the whole system 70mm to keep the exhaust inline with frame and same angle, Very nice looking bike though :slight_smile:

Paul16, I went with a different option, hope you like it