More Monster questions....

Anyone know if all Monster tanks are interchangeable ? Could i fit an 2007 IE tank to a 97 Monster by just running a fuel feed (bypassing the IE pump) from the tank base to the tap ? Will it physically fit ?
Next question. Books written by Ian Falloon. How reliable are they ? In his buyers guide to Desmodue twins he states that Ducati charging systems are “marginal” and just putting the headlights on can overload the system ???
As i am putting an old Monster back on the road, it would be nice to have some accurate information… :wink:

Hello Super Leggera.
Well, I know that the earlier 1993-1999 ones are different to the 2000-2003 ones the seat cut-out is higher on the later ones so the new seat wont fit with the the old tank and the top of the tank is different, and outlet the pipes are different but as far as I know the fixings and the recess for the airbox/battery is the same?
I’m not sure about the 2004-2007 ones they look the same as the 2000-2003?

As for the books, I think the reg/rec comments are a bit off the mark, my 2000 Monster has had a new reg/rec but after 15 years and 35,000 miles, and it’s now running heated grips with no problems.
Some of the problems on the 90’s bikes was due to the 2 pin connector between the alternator and the reg/rec yellow wire, these have a habit of melting, so keep a eye on the sate of it, it’s under the tank behind the headstock.

Another useful book for the Monster obsessed is the Monster Bible.


Thanks for the info Kevin. I thought it a bit of a strange comment to make about the lights/ regulator. I am awaiting the Monster Bible from Amazon.
I’ll have a look at the wires behind the headstock, thanks.
I can’t believe this bike has been so neglected throughout it’s life. At least it’s found a passionate owner now, and i’m slowly sourcing all the parts to put it right. Just got to find some spare time now to fit everything and get it back to how Ducati intended. :wink:

It is true to say that quite a few models have had marginal electric systems, with weak alternators and borderline wiring, plus a few wiring design silly things, so it’s worth checking your load(s) against the alternator output and, as Kevin suggested, to carry out a few wiring mods as you go along. You may wish to lurk on the Monster Owners Club forum for specific info (boy am I going to get into trouble for that suggestion!).

Yes, on the very early Monsters they have a pair of bullet connectors for the alternator output connections which are located against the left hand side frame rail, your connectors might be there, as far as I know they don’t seem to be a problem, my lads 1994 M600 seems to work ok on the original connectors and I think even the original reg/rec?
I think they changed to the dodgy 2 blade connectors in 1996/97?, (so maybe yours?) and then on to the 3 blade (much better) in 2000?
Michael is right,(although the DOCGB SAS hit team are abseiling down as I type! :laughing: ) there is some useful info there and some people even more obsessed than us!

My lads M600 which we bought about 3 years ago, is very original, but it you can tell it wasn’t looked after it’s only 6 years older an done less miles, but did look very tatty until we tidied it up.

Thanks Michael. Regarding the Monster Owners Club, i’ve tried contacting them to get on the forum with no response. I can’t seem to get past the anti spam questions either. I thought maybe it was a defunct forum. I’ll have to try again this weekend.
I’m not bad on wiring and have access to heatshrink and heatshrink crimp connectors/multimeter, so i can hopefully get to the bottom of anything that’s not too major… :sunglasses:

Thanks again Kevin. Knowledge is power…
Whenever you mention to people that you’ve bought a Ducati, it usually results in sucking of teeth and reliability/wiring comments. But when you question what Ducati’s they’ve owned it’s always the same answer… they haven’t ! :unamused:

Yes, very true!

In my experience a lot of motorcycles have slightly interesting wiring and strange electrical design decisions that are best rectified after the event, so I don’t think that Ducati is much worse than any other manufacturer in that respect.

Most of the design problems stem from insufficient appreciation that people might either

i) use the motorcycle every day in all weathers (hence use heated grips, headlights etc)
ii) leave a damp motorcycle in a shed for months without cleaning it and/or store it outside

Given that these are standard assumptions for cars, it shows you who they are designing motorcycles for :slight_smile:

Anyway, IME a lot of problems (on all makes of bike!) are down to water getting into connectors causing corrosion and the slightly suspect use of the wrong type of connectors in higher current parts of the wiring harness (along with slightly undersized cable in some instances). If you are handy with a soldering iron and some heat-shrink then you can remove most of the problematic connectors quite quickly - this is less good if you want to remove the wiring harness from the frame, however I suspect you don’t want to do that any time soon.