Why is it that when you have an early morning MOT booked does the fuel pump relay pack up? It must have know it was booked for a service the same day!
At least I had something else to take for an MOT, the tester was a bit surprised that at 900 Monster had turned into a 2 stroke 250 Benelli overnight, caused a bit of spluttering in the workshop as the 2 stroke haze thickened, the lights only work with the engine running!

Mine failed on rear wheel bearings, they were OK week ago!
Oh the shame… :blush:

SPS passed without any drama yesterday so just needs a clean and polish now before the BMF next Saturday. :smiley:

The 900 is all working and ready but currently out of test and waiting for me to find a free hour on a Saturday afternoon to get it booked in.
Hoping to get it done this month but spare time is at a premium.

I should be better organised and have tests expire in mid to late summer to avoid this extra stress situation, but somehow it never works out that way.

I’ll see you at the BMF then, I’l be there on the Drama on Friday.