Motivational Posters

Okay that was a few I got off the web. So How about making some of our own? Use the link below to create your own motivational posters
To make it interesting I will give away a free oil change to the best motivational poster (i.e. 5l of Morris synthetic V twin oil and an oil filter)[/size]

The rules are this:

  1. Use one of your own pictures (no pinching good stuff off the web)
  2. No nicking the words from other motivational posters
  3. If you break rules 1 or 2 don’t get caught :laughing: [/i]

I will make a decision after Xmas ( and I can be lobbied if you think your picture is the most deserving).

This is my first effort

Brilliant!!! :smiley:

just one more…

Okay, as we haven’t had any takers yet. Can any of you put a comment to this picture (taken at the annual Boxing Day Wild and Woolly race near Northampton last year).

Keef, ( Mr Grotherfill ) got a fantastic shot of John McGuiness’s on his 130 mph lap on his website, or in his flicker sets somewhere…
All it would need is a smart arse caption to top most that have already been put up IMO.

Keef where are you mate??

Steve R

Motivational caption: 'Perseverance - ‘cos you know you’d rather be doing something else’

And you women think this is good for you