Moto Giro d'Italia

Hi, I’m hoping to enter next year’s Moto Giro and was wondering if any other members are looking to go too?

I’m interested in hearing any advice that anyone can offer as to what to expect and what to take etc?

I’m particularly interested in only the best way to ship the bike out there or if there’s a group of you guys that shares transport costs etc.?

My wife and I are looking to take my recently restored 175TS two-up, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

There are quite a few members that go or who have been, are you in Facebook ?

Hi Martyn,

Many thanks for the reply. I’m not on FaceTweet or whatever it’s called (:wink:) as I don’t ‘do’ social media, with the exception of dedicated forums that is.

However, but my wife has access to it, if that’s where I need to go. Many thanks for the lead.