MOTO MARIANNA-help needed

Dear All,
I have noted reference to Moto Marianna on many Ducati singles articles relating to engine rebuilds etc.Also i have seen the ad in “DESMO”.As any one got any testimonials to the quality of work/service or any more info they would care to share with me.I understand the owner is called Brian Silver but Know little else( apart from a phone number.)I am a little reluctant to give him a call and waste his time until i know a bit more.Where in the country is he located?


Brian Silver is a looooong time member of this club, he’s been into his singles for many years.
He based somewhere around the Oxford area.
On the cover of your Desmo there’s a quote…‘Better than Shed Monthly’,
this’s a dig at Brian as he’s purchased a shed or two to house his bike business and his own collection of classic Ducati’s!
Brian has rebuilt quite a few, if not most of the old singles that take part in the Moto Giro, he’s pretty much an Oracle on all things relating to these old classics.
I can’t give him a personal recommedation as I carry out most of my own work, but Brian does know his stuff IMHO.


I can certainly vouch for Brian as Steve has done. There are four guys I can think of that I would recommend for singles work. Brian Silver (Berks), Tony Brancato (Oxon), Paul Klat… trades as Ducati Technical Services and also has an ad in Desmo (Yorks) and Nigel Lacey who specialises more in race engines I believe. All four are highly respected, none of them are cheap and they normally have pretty full order books. I personally use Tony B for my bevel bikes but that’s just because he is nearest and I’ve known him the longest.

[size=150]Hi All,
Brian Silver is based in Bracknell, just off the M3 or M4. He has rebuilt four singles for me and every job has been delivered on time and in budget. He has a very good knack of sourcing rare or ‘hens teeth’ parts too! Nicknamed the ‘Bracknell Bugle’ due to the fact he knows about most things before they actually happen! Top Bloke!!

Hi, anyone able to give me Brian Silvers phone number, I need some work doing. I know he’s based in Bracknell but am having difficulty obtaining his number.


No need to vouch for Brian then !! I don’t know his number, try Desmo, he advertises in there.

01344 487928

I have a picture of him enjoying the company of a blow up sheep at the DOC southern rally one year. I did submot it for Desmo once, but for some reason it was not used! :smiley:

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[size=150]Brian can be contacted on 01344487920
Leave a message with name/contact number as if he’s busy, he does not pick up.
Don’t call between 1 & 2.oopm or after 5.30pm[/size]