Motorcycle boots ...

Can anyone recommend a company that either sells or makes motorcycle boots for people with large feet? (Not mine, I must add, I’ve just been asked this question by someone who size 14 feet.)
Thank you :slight_smile:

Altberg’s up in Yorkshire hand make boots that are in my experience the absolute “Dogs Bollox”, they’re not cheap but they’re totally rebuildable, the best water proof boots I’ve ever owned and last for years.
I’ve had my pair for almost 10 years, they’ve been rebuilt once* and are a fantastic bit of kit, worth every penny and I highly recommend them to anyone.
Here’s a link to their website:-

*When they came back they looked like new boots, they even change any cracked or worn leather panels.

Steve R

EDIT…P.S. Several of my biker mates have also bought them over the last 10 years, we all agree that they’re “Top Kit” and worth every penny.

Thank you, Steve, that’s an excellent recommendation, I’ll pass the details on. :wink:

I have some Altberg boots as well, given to me by Frank, they are the best.

Thanks to all on here and the club’s email list for the recommendation - all for the same company, and all positive comments. I have passed the info on, and it was gratefully received. Thanks again! :slight_smile: