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Cracking write up in this weeks MCN about the ST’s. So made up that I bought an ST3.
Dave Hughes

Yes Dave, very underrated and hence cheap bikes, not now though that MCN have let everone in on them!

I don’t know a lot about the ST3’s other than a mate has tuned and fitted a motor into his 900SL based special, it’s kicking out well past 120 rwbhp! :astonished:
But over the years I’ve met many ST2 owners through this club who’ve had nothing but good to say about them, they’ve nearly all covered high mileages and taken loooong trips/tours on them.
Also not heard any negative reports of ST4/ST4S ownership…Well apart from Keef’s experiences with his ST4S outfit.

I’m even using modified ST4 pistons in my '92 851/916…Can I claim to be a ST owner? :laughing:

Steve R

Not seen it yet, am I in it? :smiley:

I own a ST2 and love it.
The power is where you need it in the mid range. Great for overtaking without bothering to change down a gear.
My only problem has been the high seat height. 32 inches and me with 29 inside leg meant that if I tried to put my foot down on a falling camber the bike got dropped. I bought a spare seat off e-bay and did some serious surgery on it and now the problem has gone and without affecting comfort.
This is one of 3 Ducati’s in my lockup.
(1) 600 Supersport for Sunday morning hooliganism.
(2) ST 2 for distance.
(3) M750 Monster for everything not covered in (1) & (2).

lets hope they never do an article on the injected SS’s then

love my ST2.
best total all round bike ive ever owned.
i did fill in the online questions for mcn. :smiley:

Holy guacamole. Its my write up in there.

Well done mate. Love my ST2.

Change the title to ’ I love my ST’

Group hug required and yes love my ST2 also.

Anybody want to swap some standard silencers for my slightly modified rather nice sounding ones.
Getting to old for the noise everyday

How loud are they? What do you mean by slightly modified!

Hi Pug, not that load passes the MOT, sounds really nice but neighbours not to kean on me going to work at 7 everyday. Not arsed about them just would like put some standard back on then buy some noisy for day blasting.
Just cut some of the internl cone off and put the back of can back on.
Look standard and keep all original numbers.

i feel i must add, it wasnt me that told them ST2’s ar aircooled :unamused: