mts 1200 unlock error

got my mts 1200 out today riding for about two hours, parked up to have a coffe,then went to restart but had a message come up unlock error the dash shut down with another message steering locked. the steering is not locked you can move the bars left and right but the dash just keeps repeating its self and the bike wont start, two hour ride four hour to be recoverd. i am new to ducatis did i do somthing wrong when turnig it off or on? the dash dont stay on long enough to enter any menus, any idears.

Hello Pigpenn.
It sounds like the switch on the steering lock solenoid (hands free) unit has failed, this detects when the solenoid is retracted and allows the bike to start, it’s a safety interlock that means you can’t start the engine unless the solenoid is retraced and hence the steering is free.
Is it out of warranty?
If you need a workshop manual, I have one on CD, just PM me your details and I can send you one?

yes it is out of warranty its an 11 plate brought second hand and out of dealer second hand warranty of 3 months i have it is 6 months and done 1200 miles never used the steering lock before do’nt under stand how it could fail.could it be battery starting has become labored .it use to start better 6 months a go.

I don’t know about this bike specifically, but having a low or knackered battery can cause issues with sensors and measurements in general, so it
would be worth ruling that out before looking for a more complicated cause.