MTS1200 Glowing neutral lamp

My 2010 1200 has developed a small but annoying fault this week, the neutral idiot lamp on the instrument panel has started to glow :blush: (about 1/3 brightness) when any of the other 7 lamps are on, only really visible at night but it’s a bit annoying.
The lamp still works OK with the neutral switch.
This is usually the result of an earthing fault, but as the instrument pod is sealed and on Can bus it looks like a visit to the dealers.
Anyone else had this happen yet?

Kev, this is the st group :blush: none of your fancy techno multistroodles in here im afraid. :laughing:

does sound earth related though, with my limited knowelege anyway.

All sorted out, clocks changed under warranty within a week and a half, no fuss, well done Ducati Wolverhampton!

Great news, a good result Kevin

and the Multistrada group is… Where? :unamused: