Multistrada 1000 Dash Goes Blank.

Good Evening
The sceen on my 2004/5 Multistrada does the following. Turn ignition on all the stuff comes up, the lights across the bottom light up, the screen changes to 1000 MTS En and then goes blank. The bike starts, all the lights work, the sidestand cutout switch operates as usual, the rev counter operates and the rev counter works. All seems Ok but the screen has no display. The 3 amp fuses and the relay near the back of the battery has been changed.

Any ideas ?

Ciao Chucks

Oh dear. Being Ducati, they could not just build the best all round road bike without adding just a little character. The Multistrada get its character from the instrument panel which are famous for failing. I am told by our beloved club chairman that you have to replace the Instrument panel and the ECU at the same time as they are a matched pair.

Apparently the connector on the back of the panel is prone to corrosion/coming loose, so I would take a look their first!

Well worth joining the Multistrada net forum, their is a lot of clever and high milage Multi owners on it!

Thanks for that following your advice I’ve disconnected the dash cleaned the connectors using electrical stuff reconnected it and all seems to be running OK.

Very happy !