Multistrada dvt

Hi, has anyone tried the Oberon slave cylinder replacement from standard, my clutch fluid has disappeared over last 3 short rides so needs changing

Cheers Rich

Fitted one on my st3 and it’s 30%easier to pull the lever, shop around prices vary wildly,

Cheers John, hopefully will also be more reliable, seems its a common fault… how you finding the St3

love it. its faster than me.just looking into bar risers

That’s a bit of a worry… how old is it??

It’s 15 plate, put Oberon on this morning, what a difference…smoother, lighter, hopefully I’ll loose my “hellboy” left forearm now! Lol

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I wonder if they’ve worked on that for the 1260?.. Clutch seems light enough to me. Did it get heavier over time?

Hi Scott, only noticed it abit when in heavy traffic…Ducati probably ironed out lots of things by time they launched 1260s so yours should be even more fab than 1200… do you get over to squires coffee bar in yorkshire ferret country?

I haven’t been to Squires for a few years. I used to work over in Yorkshire so it was handy for a wee evening bimble. Got a couple of friends in Wakefield who spend way too much time in there!

Ha me2 just got back. How you finding 1260, what did you have before?

I’ve had various things over the years… Honda Hornet, BMW 1200RT, I’ve just traded in my trusty commuter for 7 years, a Honda NC700x.

I’m loving the 1260, although the clutch is really taking a lot of getting used to… I’ve managed to stall it slowing down to stop a few times!? Then there’s the nightmare of finding neutral - I actually turned off the quickshifter to see if that helps but not really made any difference… I just stand at lights, going from 1st into 2nd, back into 1st, then into 2nd, and so on, then realise the lights have changed and it’s time to set off. :smile:

Went out for a bit last night and, now that you’ve mentioned it, the clutch is a bit heavy. Not sure I’d go to the trouble of replacing master cylinder… I’ll just accept a Hellboy arm.

Bet you feel you are on the millennium falcon after trusty Honda. When I first got multi neutral was abit non commital but got better the more miles on it however my 1200s monster is exactly the same rocking to and fro…looked abit of an a** at Squires the other day, give in in the end and left it! The quickshifter is a joy, something my multi is missing. Have you stuck it in sport and let the red mist descend! Lol

I’m actually surprised by how well the Honda got off the line now that I’m riding something with so much torque… I expected to be blown away by the difference but it doesn’t really happen until the revs build a bit. The Honda leapt off the line (even with no throttle on - stalling was almost impossible), the trouble was it ran out of puff very quickly, so there was a lot of frantic gear changing.

Still got a few more miles of <8k rpm so I’ll not experience the jump to lightspeed for a while. Looking forward to it! I briefly stuck it in sport but it felt uncomfortably hard, so some tweaking required for my old bones!

I missed the perfect opportunity to try Sport properly… a lap of Donington. Never even occurred to me to change it from Touring. D’oh!! (it was a very smooth comfortable lap)