Multistrada Feedback

Dear DOC members,

I am planing to buy a Multistrada 1200s (used, with less than 10k miles on the clock) and I have heard some issues with very specify parts of it that tempt to start failing just after the first two years of use (after warranty finishes) or after 12k miles. Any thoughts or recommendations regarding this topic?

Hello mrgv.
I’ve had my 2010 1200 Touring S from new and it’s now done about 13,000 miles.
I have had 2 sets of clocks under warranty due to problems with the warning lights.
Some of them were ‘glowing’ half brightness when other lights were lit (presumably due to some sort of back feed in the display), they worked OK, just a bit annoying at night, these were changed without argument.
The last set were changed after the warranty had run out, so hopefully at ht should be sorted out now.
The only other this I have had go wrong was the key, it started draining key batteries a few months ago so I have just bought a new one, but I have dropped it on our tiled kitchen floor more times than I can count!
I love it, it’s fast, comfy, and handles brilliantly.