Multistrada Givi rear carrier

Fitted a Givi Rear carrier to the Multi today. This was to be the third bike I had fitted Givi’s too, the others an FJ1200 and a ZZR1100 all needed some modification to fit, in fact on the ZZR forum I said of the Givi "you should have no problem fitting this luggage system, so long as you have access to a lathe, Milling machine and welding equipment!

Well this time it All looked well desighned and all the fittings and fixtures were present. looked like for the first time ever I actualy had a Givi Luggage carrier that would fit without any modification!

Well almost.

The fixings at the front of the rack that fit behind the pillion seat lined up perfectly, as did the four fixings on the back of the bike. However when you actualy fit either the front of rear fixings it throws the others out, which resulted in me having to slot the holes behind the seat by about 5mm, which is rather a lot when you think about it. So what should have been a half hour job turned into a two hour job!

Makes me wonder how well the £700 panniers fit, DP they may be, but its still Givi monokey system!

Given up trying to make the pictures work.

Go to my flickr to see them!