Multistrada V2S Lowering

Hi there Ducati peeps, newbie here.

I’m new to Ducati, have a Multistrada V2S in my sights. As a short arse I need to get the seat down to 810 ish, so I can either pop on the low seat (810mm) at the cost of some comfort as I’m told its lower profile is due to reduced foam OR keep std seat and lower suspension (also 810MM) via the kit, don’t need to do both, either or.

I’m a healthy 115kg in my riding gear so good padding is always welcome so I’m leaning more towards lowering suspension.

Your thoughts and experience as to each option would be appreciated

Hi fellow short arse here i have a 1260s which is very similar i use a low seat which is fine for me I have lowerd the settings to lower the ride hight which works for me. I also use Daytona boots not cheap but gives you a little help and you can’t tell😉. Give it a go it works for me.