Multistrada V2S rear wheel bearing fail

Hopefully a one off but just seeing if anyone out there had similar issue with the rear wheel bearing in Ducatis that use 6006? Probably the most widely used bearing on most motorbikes! One of mine has failed at 7.5k which I hope is unusual. Disappointed to find that it was a Chinese NSK but then again should not presume all non-Chinese do not fail so early! Anyway the dealer failed to check it out at the annual service even though I specifically asked them to and it was checked off as ok on the Ducati standard template Maintenance checklist sheet. Vibration was the reason I asked them to check. Not great from a main dealer. All sorted now but not by the main dealer. Not looking for recriminations just information and interest/awareness.

Further to the above all four rear wheel bearings replaced. 2 in the sprocket carrier and 2 in the wheel. Thankfully only one genuinely needed replacing but of course sensible to replace them all with quality bearings.
However, the vibration issue I had is still there! Head scratcher. Only other recent change had been to replace the rear tyre with like for like.
Anyone else with vibration (not typical Ducati)?
Next step is to swap bikes with a friend who has a similar bike to help determine if it is my imagination or a genuine new vibration.