Multistretta project

Hi all, as my SS 749s Multistrada project nears completion, well I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! :open_mouth:

I thought you may like to see some Photos, I have added a link below to my flickr account. … otostream/


I like it, looks like an interesting mix, more photos when it’s done!

Me too, should great

you are going to be fine!
i have been there.


Can’t wait to see it !!!

you are going to be fine!
i have been there.]

Thank’s for the comment, the inspiration for this project came from Duc cutters! I’m guessing this is your bike though it looks as though plenty of mods have occurred since :sunglasses:

Due to family commitments my build has slowed recently, however I will soon be at full steam again. :slight_smile:

Got the bike up and running :smiley:

A few minor things to sort (exhaust and dyno run) and she should be on the road soon.

1st start up here;-

Latest photos here;- … otostream/