MUSIC TO MY EARS: A 450 starting

A bit quiet this one: :laughing:


I love to fit one of those dry clutchs, but Nessie would never be able to bump ‘Bertie’ into life.


I was at the Bikers Classic at Spa last year - rode over on the Darmah SSD just to have a look. Quite a few Ducati singles, loads of bevel twins (750 Sport, NCR stuff, etc) and a clutch of parallel twins. I’ll be riding over to watch again this year. Might go across to take part in 2009, will have to see how my other commitments work out.
I can strongly reccommend the Spa Classic to any classics fans. Wonderful sights and sounds in a great setting.

In the Related Videos bit next to the 450 video there’s one (slightly incorrectly) listed as 250 Desmo
That’s me on my (springer) 250. Kev recorded it at the old Anglesey circuit a couple of years ago. The other one you can hear (and see at the end) is Howard on a 450 Desmo.



roger, I saw that video before I got my bike, now i know who that guy is in the nice bright bib!

Heres a video of my 250 when it was running an open mega

Sounds good on the open pipe!

On the video of mine starting you can see the ultra short pipe I was running when I first got the bike.



I never noticed but now Ive looked that is rather short!

I intend to follow you about next year and use that starter! :laughing: