My 2011 Ducati Diavel Desmo tune was over $7,000!

I bought the bike used from a Yamaha dealer with 13k miles on it for $10k, I bought an $800, 3 year extended warranty and felt like a sucker until it paid over $4,000 for a new wiring harness, clutch slave cylinder and gear position sensor.

My Desmo service was going to be around $3,500, it needed brakes, tires, sprockets, chain and battery in addition to the pricey Desmo service, I was starting to get upset about riding 2000 miles over 2 years and having to dump $3,500 into the bike that depreciated about $1,500 too, that is until I was informed my bike needed a new wiring harness too and they are $3,000+ then the slave cylinder and gear position sensor for another $1,000+ !

If I had not bought the extended warranty my Desmo service would have cost me over $7,000 PLUS they had the bike for many months!

That is truely shocking ! So am I understanding you done 2k on it making its millage 15k , if you were in an accident the insurance company would have written it off with a bill like that .
Regards Brian