My Baby

m_100_0178.jpg:slight_smile: My 1965 Ducati mach1. Vic Camp trim and a picture of my Dad’s Duke below, when I was a kid.


Very nice indeed



Thanks Steve for your Compliment. :smiley:

very nice! I had a 250 Mach 1 with a Joe Dunphy front brake on it, nowhere near as pretty as your bike …

Thanks for that. I am on the look out for a twin leader, but they fetch a lot of money. She has cost me a small fortune to date. Cheers, Dave

More pictures

Not very original but “Period”, have you thought of fitting a twin leading shoe front brake from a Honda etc?
People used to fit these to TS MZ’s to provide a more effective front brake.
Or TGA used to sell (probably still do?) twin leading shoe brake plates to fit in single leading shoe drums.

Steve R

Hope you’re going to bring the bike along to some of the club events, Lloydy1

Hi Steve, thanks for the tip, I will have a look. Cheers, Dave.

I will be out and about quite a lot this year I hope. I finished the bike quite late in the year, so I didn’t get out a lot. lets hope for a good summer. :wink:

excellent news! Where are you based?

Mold, North Wales.

Look forward at seeing you at few North West events, Manchester Bike show in March ??

Ill make that a date for my diary. Cheers, Dave :wink: