My Latest Toy - an 851

Here are a couple of pictures of my newest acquisition. Should be fully road legal here on the Isle of Man by tomorrow night. Plan to use her through the summer and tidy the paintwork in the winter.



Cracking looking bike, I want a go on that beauty when I am over there !!

Always love the 851.

Nice one Steve,
Whatever you do with it DONT cut down the rear undertray! Thery’re rarer than hens teeth unmolested, there’s plenty of cut down one’s out there if you want one.
I’ll see you on the Island in June for the 851/888 gathering.

This is the best place for info and to find hard to find parts…

Steve R

Thanks for the advice re the rear undertray.

To be honest I lean quite strongly towards keeping things original where I can and it makes sense. I will probably refit the white wheels and original front mudguard, which came with the bike. I will then get the tank and fairing resprayed as the tank has a small dent and the fairing is a little tatty.


Steve P

Hi again Steve,

Here’s another tip for you, keep the White wheels in storage and stick with the Black ones for general use.
The white ones get dirty…no FILTHY! Just standing still mate, brake pad dust, chain grease, general dust in the atmosphere and that’s without actually riding the bike in the wet… Does it rain a lot on the Island?
They might look nice/original, but they’re a complete PIA!!! Unless you suffer from DCD? ( “Ducati Cleaning Disorder”, It’s like OCD but you need to also own a Ducati.) :wink:

Steve R

The same on the 906, the wheels look great for the first 3 minutes. Black wheels !!!

That’s a gorgeous bike, Steve, and the ideal place to ride it!