My Monster

The forum now allows photos to be directly added, they just need to be 1000 pixels wide of less and 256kb of less
Here’s my Monster out on the Long Mynd as a test…
That fits better at 800h

Hi Kev

Nice monster…

I have reset max image size to 800 x 600 pixels. At 1000 wide it did not fit the page very well. If you put a bigger image it adds the scroll bar. If it is much to big it might distort as you have seen elsewhere.



nice pic, Kevin :wink:


Been playing around with some settings. Any image bigger than 400pixels wide will get a 400 pixel wide thumbnail created which if clicked opens the actual image full sixe.

It is not retrospective to the images that are already uploaded will need to be removed and loaded again.

You can see how it works if you check my post re Stafford Show in April in 2013 Events



looks good, Steve