my new toy

well over the last fourteen years or so i have lusted over the 916. its the shape, style and noise the things make :smiley: .
so when this 1997 mint condition one came to my attention i just couldnt let it slip. ive got masses of history and all the origional parts. exhausts, bip seat unit and chip etc etc. so it now sits next to my 94 750 supersport in the garage.
just need to explain to the missus why i need a comfy seat and fridge, kettle and tea bags in there too :laughing: :mrgreen:


hope you all aprove :wink:

I approve of your latest purchase, but if you have enough space in the garage for un-necessary domestic comforts, you should be considering which Ducati to buy next.

true :smiley:

i think i could make do with a fridge full of magners and an 888 instead :smiley:

Nice to read sensible posts from proper Ducatisti…

true, magners is a very sensible drink :smiley:

Hi now lets talk some common sense here,
If you could make do with red wine or real ale served at room temp’…
It hasn’t done me any harm… Hic!
You could do away with the need for a fridge for that ‘Thinly disguised Bulmers Woodpecker’ Irish fiz pop that you’re drinking.
FFS if you’re going to drink apple juice at least drink REAL SCRUMPY and do the job properly man! :unamused:
The added bonus would be without the fridge you just might be able to squeeze in a 851/888 into your garage.

Very nice/tidy 916 with some nice touches/sensible customising by the way. :sunglasses:
How many miles has it got under it’s belt, it looks hardly used?

Steve R

P.S. How’s that for a comment from a proper/looong time Ducatisti Martyn? :laughing:

Hi might be able to help Richy I have a fridge, freezer, washing machine and a cooker all need to go to a good home i.e your garage for the fridge but you will have to supply the magners.
In the garage you can have a choice between an 851 or the 888 I am rebuilding. happy days. Oh did I mention I have picked up the 851/888 virus. Bad disease makes you go all weak at the knees and thats just looking at them.

stay away from me then, sarah said yes to the 916 but doubt i could blag an 851/888. also my knees are shot anyway, too many years up bloody trees. no wonder i drink apple irish fizz pop :smiley: .

real ale yes :smiley: , red wine no :frowning: .

the bikes got 13672 miles on the clock, its been pamperd from day one and will continue to be cleaned to within an inch of its life after every ride out :unamused: :smiley: