My ST4s

mmmm nice picture I think you left the ‘stealth’ button on :unamused:
As the front of the bike has disappeared :open_mouth:

This is because the image is at 1024x768 pixels, which fits on a full screen.
640x480 would be seen in full, but is lower resolution (as per the second picture).
Please read the instructions in the header before you post your picture, that gives your options.
(I have placed the second picture in the correct folder to use on PhotoBucket when uploading.)
As an alternative, just right click on the image and select “view image”. Easy. :laughing:

This is the same image resized to 640x480 so you can see the difference.

I’ve got an ST4S. Amazing what you can do with them.

very nice :smiley: same upper farings as my st2 aswell. the grey is a nice colour with the red wheels.