My toys

Bit short of time at the moment, but thought I’d try to upload a couple of pics of my bikes:- a 2002 998R and a 2009 D16RR

Hope this works!

What, no 1974 750SS?

Sadly no, but have always had a soft spot for 851/888 s ! Think the wife might kill me.

Looks like a fine collection already anyway!

Indeed, but as we all know, There’s always room for one more !! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice couple of bikes you’ve got there mate.

I’ve got a couple of 851/888 specials, both of them faster than a 888SP(4)S, the ‘Holy Grail’ of 851/888 ownership.
My Mrs (Nessie) never even blinked when I bought the 2nd one, although I did tell her I’d only bought it to rob it of some tasty parts before returning it to standard and selling it on… :wink:
Like she ever really thought that would happen. :unamused:

Steve R


used same reasoning when bought 888 to go with 851, it was for parts or sell on but now it is rebuilt it ain’t going anywhere unless the price is right. Why did they ever build 916, 999,1098,1198 when the 8** is so good.

Stand bak now fuse lit

It’s good moving forward but sometimes step bac and enjoy

You outside now !! :smiley:
I’ve never ridden any of the 851/888 so don’t know if the 9## are a leap on or not. The 1098/1198 are menat to be better than the 998s, but again haven’t ridden one so don’t know. Local dealer has an 1198 demo so may have to have a go. I’ve also got a Bimota V-Due which could go to make room for another Duke. This bike thing is definitely a disease.

Yeh triple 9 a rocket ship and good to ride and 1098 forward just get quicker but jump on an 8 or back to a bevel twin and the grin gets wider. Get on a single and then see what you bin missing.

A disease yes it is, but what a way to go

Lovely collection!! And you are right about the 888’s!

The 916 series were definitely a leap forward in ease of maintenance(especially changing the shock!)

1.They should be-they have bigger engines!!
2.How much faster do you think? :question:

:wink: :wink: :wink:

What no answer? :laughing: