Need 'Marzocchi' usd forks advice....

I am building a ‘special’ and have obtained a pair of ‘Marzocchi’ usd forks and yolks from a 'late ‘90’s M600/750/900 monster’!

I have some of the extensive range of Ducati parts listings but sadly none for the 90’s monsters, in particular any with Marzocchi usd forks.

My questions/enquiry is:
The fork bottoms only have a single side brake caliper mount, can I get the other side fork bottom with caliper mount in order to afford myself dual disc setup?
If so, what is the relevant part number?
And finally for now, does anyone have a pictoral break-down/view of said forks and/or a parts list?

p.s. I must just add that I do not believe that these forks are definitely Marzocchis as there are not mention of this make in any of the books and papers that I have, which I find most strange.
Only mention of Showa across a parts lists and manuals covering 10 models and 17 years!


They look like Marzocchi to me, I know somebody with a dead M900, most parts available, adjustable on the 900, brakes, calipers etc etc etc

Sounds interesting, could you maybe ask if he would mind linking up?

I could do with tracking down the remaining front-end parts or refining my choice of components.


i would say marzocchi too.
if the original outer fork seals are still in them it says marzocchi on them. at least it did on my 750ss.

very interesting build going on there me thinks :wink:

I will look next week when at the bikes location too see what the markings are.

The idea is forming for styling the bike in the manner of an 848R and doing a sort of slimming down excercise on the plastics.

I wish I was conversant in the use of photo/paintshop software, but I am not and will have to fly by the seat of my pants as to fashioning the ‘look’.

Next step after resolving a few small engineering issues is to build the slimline ‘monoposto’ subframe.