New 999 owner

Well, just to let you know, I am now the proud father of a 999s (Red Bitch 3) as well as my ST4s ( Red bitch 1). Sitting together in the garage I couldn’t beleive how much smaller the 999 is.
Only been able to play out with her twice but find her comfortable and very quick to steer.

Hope some more manage to get on the site.

Has anyone out there any knowledge of problems, and any knowledge of tyre compatability?

Hi Frank

I got my 999s last Dec and thus far haven’t had any issues with it.

I like the look of the ST range though. Must be a nice bike!

Re tyres mine’s on Michelin Sport Cups but will probably be replaced by Bridgestone 014s when they wear out.

Hi navy boy,
my ST is one of the first with the oval headlamp. I prefere that shape rarther than the newer one that looks like a ***** pan european.


Just to let you know I had some rough running from my 999 however taking the front cylinder plug cap/coil off and resealing it with some high temp grease seems to have sorted it.

The ST sounds V nice!


Having bought my 999s from Ducati Manchester I had a problem with it destroying batteries. Ducati Manchester have found the problem and fixed it in double quick time, the battery was discharged through a fault in the clocks. They also found a hairline crack in the top yoke and also replaced this. I am now a very happy chappie with the bike running well andI am more than satisfied with my treatment by the shop.