New "beta" website available

I have been working on an updated website to build on the excellent work that Spaggy has done over the last few years.

The beta version is now available and can be accessed from the homepage of the existing website. In the beta version most of the pages are there but are empty. A couple of exceptions are:

Memberzone help
Isle of Man branch
Memberzone home

The password to access the memberzone is the same as the current site.

The main changes are a revision of the navigation approach and a page layout refresh. The existing content will be migrated with some additions as we go. I have added dropdown menus and once you have entered the memberzone the menu is enlarged to include all the memberzone pages.

Over the next 4 weeks or so I will be moving the content of the existing site across so if you check each week more and more pages will be filled with content. Eventually the website will replace the existing one (using

I am interested in any constructive feedback to help update the site to suit the members. Tell me what you like and what you dislike. What is missing that should be there and what is there but is wasting space. Obviously we will take an aggregate view of the membership and if there is a strong feeling about any ideas I will implement them.


The Beta version is superb Steve, I have just made the second post on the blog, I will keep it up as some of it may be of interest !!!


The website looks great

Cheers ,adie851 ( northern rally co-ordinator )