New bloke on here from Swadlincote, Derbyshire

Hello all thanks for letting me be a part of the club, I’m a 50 going on 21 year old Ducati fan that’s ribbing a 1299 at the moment. I’ve owned a 996, 1098, 1199 and now a 1299. Really enjoy getting out on the bike any chance I get and mixing with other bikers. Just planning my first WDW and hope to get some top tips off all the veterans on here.

Hello Billyboy, welcome to the club.
Keep an eye out on the Manchester, Wirral, and West Mids sections as they are your nearest meets at the moment, The Wirral and West Mids aslo have facebook pages which we use to let members know of events, just search for ‘West Mids DOC GB’, and ‘Wirral DOC GB’
If the arrangements for WDW tickets are the same as last year, and we don’t know as yet, the club will be doing 1/2 price tickets for members who are also signed up to the factory DOC.
I will be letting members know of the arrangements when we have a location and ticketing arrangements.
If you want any info on WDW just contact me.

DOC GB Memsec

Hello Billyboy I’m born again having turned the big 50 I’m hoping to do my 1st WDW also I’m just down road in Derby
Cheers Pat

Tried joining factory DOC Kevin but seem to be having problems, must try again.

billyboy, you will need to be on the Factory DOC for WDW tickets, so give me a ring later and I’l go through it, my details are in Desmo.
Kevin Baker
DOC GB Memsec

And a belated hello and welcome to DOC GB from me!