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Finally joined up but not sure if this forum where I should be posting my intro. Ive had my 2001 748 for six fun years with no major problems. So much for all my pessimistic mates warning me of endless expensive breakdowns. Hope they arnt going to have the last laugh though as I think the ecu is on the way out. To be fair I remember having the same problem with an old cbx550 20 years ago. Bike cuts out as if youve hit the kill switch after 10 mins riding and then restarts after a couple of minutes. Im old enough to be a fair weather rider and so she sitting in the garage out of harms way for the winter but if anyone has heard of similar faults or have any advice on testing and or replacing the ecu I would be grateful

Hi Andrew

Welcome to the club.

Check out the branch sections on the Forum as well to see if there is any activity near to you.
I’ve not had a 748 during my 16 years of Ducati ownership, but I had a 916 Bip for 7 fun but not trouble free years. Have not come across the particular problem you mention, but have a trawl around the WWWeb during the bad weather and I’m sure you will get some ideas and possibly helpful advice to deal with it.

CBX550 - a mate had one over 20 years ago, my GPz550ZXA1 was a bit faster, but his brakes were better (or his balls were bigger). The Honda was less reliable than a Ducati, even of that era. It had a considerable appetite for engines, he got through a few. The usual camchain tensioner problems saw off the first one. The Primary chain snapped on the second motor as he roared past me at about 70mph with two passengers on board. At least the extra passenger was useful, for pushing it the last mile home. So much easier with three pairs of legs to share the work.


Thanks for the advice. Northampton branch sounds the most local, probebly not much between there and Cambridge but the roads towards Northampton are much better, I have the joy of the A14 commute to Cambridge everyday. Re cbx550 I had the camchain tensioner problem too. The brakes were good but what a pain those vented discs were.

Hi there some time since you posted and the problem may have gone by now however a couple of thoughts: I remember from the days of the Rover 820 (I know its a car) the garages did a good trade in ECUs but all that was generally needed was to carefully remove the connector, make sure it was clean and re-fit it, a bit of silicon oil on the terminals helps to stop corrosion. Make sure the battery is disconnected before removing the connector!
Second thought is the ECU is atop the silencers so plenty of ventilation is needed, anything that blanks the ventilation could be a problem.