New Branch

Hello all, we have a new branch !!! Those of you visiting Ducatisti forum will notice a new meeting with Brian at Mototech in Northern Ireland, it is us !!! I have spoken to him and we now have a NI branch, he is a specialist and is going for Ducati approved status, the posting has brought the Irish contingent out of the woodwork, memberships are coming in and we have an invite to the NW200 next year. They are having a banner made. Can we add the branch to the forum and expect something in Desmo soon.

That’s good, about time we had another branch in NI. (There was one some years ago.) Please can you make sure that Ian Rumbellow has all the details to pass to me for Desmo and to Spaggy for the website? :slight_smile:

I’ll need to know a few details about the branch so will contact Brian for the info I need.