New club Banners

Could someone please forward the details of the new club banners from Fred to my address as my computer seems to have stopped down loading anything from the doc email list.
Thank you.

will do that, as soon as I get home from work.

Just to bring you all up todate, out of six companys asked to quite for new banners, only two have replied & only one has made up a sample for us.

I asked them to quite for three banners, one to be 1.5m X 1.5m and two at 2m X 1m, screen printed,
the 1.5m x 1.5m to be on a white background, & the 2m x 1m to be on a coloured background, & we supply the art work.

As I am unable to attend the next COM meeting, I will send all the items relating to this to Martyn.

quite one is £322:29 inc VAT and that is from the Signs Express of Crawley, (sample provided)

quite two is £253:00 inc VAT and that is from Sign Shop Horsham.

Sorry that I am going down this route, but with all the spam on the list, this may be the only way for the time being.

Have you tried Gary Jenkins? He is a club member and does this sort of thing for a living. He’s made several banners for us in the past and the quality of his work is very good. I’m sure that he would be very happy to quote you. His phone no. is 01202 620470 but you might want to leave it a day or two before you ring him though as I’m not sure if he’s back from the Moto Giro yet.


I do think he was one of the six, but will give him a call soon

I’ve just spoken to him and he hasn’t heard from you. Might be an idea to give him a call?

Chris :laughing:

Have sent out an e-mail to most of the com, when you read said e-mail could you please send it on to any one not on my listings,

It regards the quite from Gary Jenkings



Good Day to you All

Just to keep you all up to date on the club banners.

We now have a small number of designs thanks to Jilly, Gary and myself, for the new banners that can be used by all the branches of the club, so over the next few days I will be sending them out in the post to you all.

Could you please take some time and have a good look at them, then let me know the ones that you feel would be right for the club.

All the best


Good Day One and All

By now you will have received your copys ofthe designs that have been put forward for the Club’s Southen Banners, so could I please have your opinion on the drsigns and also how maney banners that we need, to help me out would you please give me the size and number ( bottom left) of the banner or banners that you have chosen.
I am still working on getting some more costings,

As I have said befor I would like to have them for the event in Aug.

All the best


I thought that we had decided on a banner etc at the last CoM Meeting? (Sammy Miller’s Italian Day)

That is great could some one please tell me the one that we are going for, as I was on Holiday at the time of the last COM meeting.


Yes, it was all Minuted - you missed the quickest CoM meeting ever, Fred, one hour exactly and lots done :slight_smile: . I have the details at home as to which banner to go for - will email you later.

thanks 4 that