New Cornish Member

Well hello there. I’m Leo, I live up on the North Coast of Cornwall.

Currently have a 748SPS '98, had an S2R1000 previously.

Dream bike would probably be a SD900 Darmah (black/gold)…one day.

I also dip into the Ducatisti Forum occasionally. I was interested to see that there is a Ducati meet in Portreath so will contact Cap’n Pugwash whenever I’m around at the right time. I go to the Hayle Bike Meet occasionally and hope to go more often this year, same is true of the North Cornwall Motorcycle Club who I ride out with occasionally. Otherwise I ride with a couple of mates (non Ducati) and the Mrs who rides a Harley.

I rarely even see other Duke riders when I’m out and about so it would be good to meet up sometime. My big problem at the moment is that I need someone to cast an ‘expert’ ear over my engine as I’ve only had the bike a short time and all of the clunking, knocking noises I hear scares the bejeebers out of me. Just where do Cornish Ducati riders go to get a good (engine) fettling?

Feel free to contact me if anyone wants to get in touch. Hands up who wants a sunny summer !!!

Cheers All,

clunkin borin chuggin ratlin sounds like a proper duke you got threre! :smiley:
in the begining you think you have a bag of nails then you realise its just your engine talking to you.
each one has its own characteristics, thats what sets these bikes aside from others, thats why i love riding them.
but it has to be said… you gotta learn em.


Hi Leo,
If you think your modern Dukes rattle and clank, just wait until you own your dream Darmah.
You’ll really know what it’s like then, although the clutch won’t sound as bad.
It must be a chore waiting for your Mrs to catch up?
Where do Cornish Duke owners go to get a good service for their bikes?
Well it isn’t in this county. Or Devon come to that!
I do it myself, I live in Callington SE Cornwall there’s lots of Dukes about on the roads around here.
When the better weather gets here I’m up for a ride down to the Cornish branch, to meet up with Guy/Captain Pugwash and his new crew, there’s far to much salt around at the moment, I’d be more interested in a weekend ride down though, it’s a bit of a drag for an evening run after a full days work.
Yep my hands up for a warm dry summer.
I hope to meet up with you sometime soon, the 748sps sounds interesting, is it standard?

Steve Robins

Hi Leo,
Hope to see you soon at Portreath or Hayle. There’s about 6 regulars get to Portreath (what ever the weather, but cars have been used!!) and more if the weathers good, max we had at one meet last year was 12.

We have been meeting a year come April, and more Ducati’s are appearing all the time, now the words getting around of meeting.

We will be having summer evening ride outs on the 3rd Thursday of each month.

We have plans of other events to visit and ride out to over the year. If you have any ideas for a ride out let me know.

Yours Guy.