New Ducati in Cornwall..

Hi, just bought my first Ducati. Been a car nut for years and finally went for 2 wheels…

Welcome to the world of Ducati ownership - what model did you buy?

A Scrambler…

and welcome to the world of Ducati ownership from me! Enjoy your Scrambler, everyone I know who has ridden one has been very impressed by the bike.
Have you been to any of the Cornwall branch meets yet?

[size=150]Welcome, look forward to seeing you at a Cornwall branch meet soon.

Hi, thanks. Would like to hook up with the Cornwall riders, when are the meets?

Have a look on the club’s website , or the relevant pages in ‘Desmo’ :slight_smile:

or look on the branch page on this forum!

[size=150]Next Cornwall branch meet is this Sunday 1st November at The Green Parrot, Perranporth. 10am for breakfast. Hope to see you there.[/size]

Welcome to the forum!

I’m from Devon originally, so maybe I’ll see you on the road when I am down next visiting the folks and decide to visit the sunnier side of the Tamar! :sunglasses: