New Forum Styles

Since launching the BB3 version of the forum, there have been very few styles to choose from, but more are now coming on line.
I have included a couple of new ones for those who want to go down the Carbon Fibre look route (Black Pearl) or the red and white scheme (Ferrari F1). As yet the style that was in use on the old forum has not been adapted to the latest version, but I’m keeping an eye on it.
Try resetting your style to the new ones and have a looksee. Unfortunately the Ferrarri one only has car based graphics, and appears to be missing a logo, but I’ll have a closer look at the innards and see if I can fix it soon. Meanwhile, I’d be interested in any comment, both good and bad.

There appear to be a couple of small problems at the moment with both of the new styles.
The red and white Ferrari style just appears to be missing a logo and title at the top, but otherwise seems to work AOK.
The Black Pearl style, however, does not function correctly as the New Post icons do not appear where they should. I would therefore avoid using this one until it is fixed.

I am investigating both, and will try to correct them as soon as possible. However, the standard “Pro-silver” style is working fine, so there will be no loss of use while I am working on the problems. I will post another message when all is working well. Meantime, I’d be interested in hearing opinions on these alternatives.