New Girl in Town

Most proud to say I now own my first (brand new) Duke … Monster! A lot of envy (from some) and a lot of ribbing from my biker mates up at BHB (Whiteways, Arundel - who call me a “tractor” !!).
I am also going on my first trip to Nurburgring this year (have been to Europe several times before) and plan to do a track day beforehand … not bad for a female dinosaur!
I go down to Beaulieu and Brighton for bike meets - and also to the local southern hang-outs on a Sunday.
Hope to see a few friendly Dukes around soon.

Hi and Welcome

Pleased to hear you are happy with your new the Monster, and intending to make good use of it. I must admit that I inflict a bit of “tractor” ribbing on Harley and Buell riding mates. Enjoy the Envy, and the summer, if we get one.

Ditto the welcome, how many of your friends have actually ridden or owned a Duc of any kind…

That said, Ducatis are an acquired taste and not for everyone - now I’m sounding elitist! :slight_smile:

I started out riding with someone who owns an ST4 … not even red! My regular riding mate (Nurburgring travelling companion) owns a ZZR 1400 - so I guess he is entitled to rib me :wink:
I will be at BSB Brands Hatch on Monday … enjoy if you are down there - we had great fun last year.

Hi - and look forward to seeing you at the Surrey / Sussex meets at Shoreham Airport, 1st Sunday of the month, Terminal 1, 12 noon-ish onwards.

I don’t think so! Only one good use for those oil tanker like ZZR machines. Yup he will leave you for dead on long motorway runs, but thats just boring. Chuck in a few bends, bit of traffic and the Monster wins every time- oh and don’t forget to mention the fuel consumption. Just tell him to put a sidecar on it like mine, might even improve the handling!

It could be worse Keef, Bikerbabes riding partner could have a 1098/1198, I’ve heard stories of them running onto reserve after 75 miles! :open_mouth:
On the Motorway when cruising at around the 90-100mph mark my 851/916’s warning light starts flashing at…
170 miles! :laughing: and my 900 Bevel will do between 200-250 miles to the tank full (Long range alloy tank)at the same sort of speeds.
I’ll take one of my mildly tuned classics over one of the ‘Hot Poop’ later models any day.

Steve R

P.S. I’m with you on the way to improve the big Kwaker’s handling. :wink:

Have fun on it and see you soon at some event or other.

Are any of you guys doing the Box Hill to Whiteways run tomorrow??
I shall be out having fun-in-the-sun tomorrow … maybe see you around on my fly-spattered beast!!
Lydden Trackday next weekend …

I’ll be at West Chiltington - see you there?