new(ish) w/mids

hi everyone, just a quick hello from kidderminster.
i joined the doc last august having owned my ss for about 18 months. but as a bit of a computer numpty :blush: (im getting better) i couldnt access the forum. anyway i met with spaggy and kevin and a few other fine fellows at ducati wolverhampton and hey presto the west mids branch was born :smiley: .
hope to meet more of you soon.

Fantastic news, look forward to seeing you at some events, organise one down there also, welcome aboard !!!

thanks, did i see you at swancote as i was leaving? if it was you i appologise for not saying hello but had to get home (and i was a bit cold :astonished: ). hope to see you soon, im hoping to get to the next shropshire meet also.
all the best, rich.