New member East Yorkshire

Hello, I’m Michael Holmes from Carnaby East Yorkshire, 20 odd years ago I had a Monster 750, long gone, should have kept it. Fairly recently bought a 1966 (I think) 48 Sport and a 1976 350 Scrambler (both Mototrans built) as restoration projects to do bits on now and then to keep me occupied without spending too much money

I’m not sure if that’s just uploaded a picture or not. Soon see:


Welcome Michael. Nice project!

Maybe see you at an East Yorks Branch Meet when its completed

Hello Christy
Thank you for the welcome, I need a gear selector for the 48 and will probably have to get one made so I’m not expecting it to run anytime soon. And even Bridlington to Fridaythorpe might be a trek, although somebody recently told me about a load of Germans who came over here every year on mopeds so it’s not out of the question!