New member from a Redditch.

Hi to you all out there.
I have recently acquired my first Ducati a Diavel cromo, a bike when I first saw it I fell in love with. When I heard one start up I decided that I was going to have one. I now have it and I have not ridden it yet, having read the reviews I will be either grinning a lot or parking it up and handing the keys back. I have been riding Honda VFR’s for the last ten years, my last being a 2002, VTEC. The bike is a pre reg from Northern Ireland, just waiting for tax and log book back from DVLA, before I can stretch it out on the road, weather permitting. Hoping to get some general tips on how to treat this machine, general care and how to ride it. Not technically minded so just intending to keep the bike original, may add screen etc but that depends on how it rides. Hopefully will enjoy your site and may even dip my toe in to a few local events. At 53 I know what fear is, I intend to try and enjoy myself.

Hello and welcome, Diavel is a fantastic bike and certainly on my wish list !!!

Hello Noel and welcome to the DOC GB forum and Ducati ownership. Hope you enjoy your Diavel :slight_smile:

[size=150]Hi noel, Welcome to the forum. Enjoy the Diavel plenty of grunt![/size]

Well managed to get out on Saturday and I can say I initially was not disappointed. I was able to go through all the power bands, made me pay attention but was not as uncontrollable as I feared. Problems I have a few, need to upgrade my seat did aggravate me by the time I got home. I have rode a cruiser many years ago, but I noticed my neck and shoulders are sore. Put it down to the seat, needing to adjust the clutch, brake lever and no screen. I am 6’0 tall is that normal to feel that much discomfort, not rode for a couple of months so hoping by the time I make the changes that will sort it. Considering putting a Puig screen on it, but have mixed views on that. Would be grateful for any advice.

Bad news I have the over heating problem, hope that it’s the common problem of the thermostat. Anyway checking out the a Ducati assistance back to the work shop Tuesday.

Must say despite the hopefully small teething problems, that I loved my first experience of a Ducati Diavel!

Welcome aboard.
Pop along to a mids meet on every 2nd (and 4th in summer months) monday of the month. Im in Kidderminster so not too far away.

Thanks Kiddi not far away, hope to get to a meet. Noticed now I own one that I am looking more and more at Ducati’s on the site. You boys sure have some stunning machines I look forward to seeing them in the flesh.