New member from Devon

Hi there. Just joined. Owner of ST4S and soon to be a monster also. Reside in sunny sometimes wet Devon. Hope I can offer as much advice as I am going to ask in the future!

Great stuff, link with the Devon Branch, quite active and gave their own FB page

Me too also from Devon -changing from a Harley Davidson Fat Bob117 (stage3) to a Streetfighter V4S which I’m hopefully collecting on Wednesday afternoon . I know it’s a completely different type of bike with a lot less weight 199kg opposed to 306kg but I’m looking forward to it

Fantastic bike, nice when you want it to be but can be a real beast when required.

Finally picked it up on Friday afternoon - went for a little loop through Devon just to sort of get use to a different riding style but didn’t open the taps fully just getting use to the bike and will be for a few weeks - it felt really good very stable happy with the purchase but should’ve done it earlier