New member from Norfolk

Hi all,
Have just joined, don’t ride any more having had a balance issue caused by an illness, Previously in the 90’s had two Ducati 750’s, and did lots of track sessions with the Italian Owners club, and some racing with my Gilera Saturno neuvo Singles class bike. If I knew how to attach I’d put in pics, I’m not PC friendly, only just worked out that they are not coal driven!

Now 77 and restoring a 200 single as a GT from a TS, and have lost the will to live with the DVLA who seem to have invented ways to refuse to register it!
Now they have rejected as they say the dating cert is expired, as its more than a year old!!! How can a dating cert expire? Wonder if my birth cert has!!

So as I have contacted poor Pete Ward with this hassle, thought I’d join as well!!
Have Fun