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Hello All
Well after, ooh, 19 (really?!) years of continuous Ducati ownership I have finally taken the plunge and coughed up to join DOCGB. TBH, I’ve felt a bit of a fraud having been using the FB Group for a while, so hopefully made amends now.
I’m based in High Peak, on the edge of the Peak District. I see we don’t have a “local” branch, with probably Manchester or Cheshire being closest, though from what I can see there are a few members in this neck of the woods. Maybe enough for a mini-branch?

Anyhoo, my Ducati history is:
First Duc was a baby M600 Dark (1998). That was a cracking little bike, and the bike that taught me to ride properly (I hope). I had an FZR600 before that which was my first big bike and it scared the life out of me. After a layoff bikes for a few years (then a trail bike) I bought the little Monster after being impressed with seeing our Italian friends bopping round the streets of Milan on them. With a not overly powerful engine in a great chassis, it was a good bike to learn about maintaining speed! I once rode it from Derbyshire to Bergerac and back (visiting the outlaws), loaded up with camping gear and it didn’t miss a beat.
Next up: Multistrada 1000DS (2003). An awesome bike. Kept that 6 years and toured the Alps, South of France, Germany (inc 2 terrifying laps of the Nurburgring) and Scotland. I miss it still and, if I had the space, might be tempted by another.
Next: Multistrada 1200 ABS (2011). Another great bike. Toured Ireland, Scotland and N France on it, before it was sadly killed last year by an inattentive driver at a zebra crossing. My neck still hurts.
In parallel and still current: 900 Supersport (1992): I bought this as a pile of bits from a friend. It had two broken engine studs and a missing piston, but was otherwise (mostly) complete. I built it back up and now it’s my sunny Sunday and posing bike. Half faired, white frame, black wheels. She’s beautiful and is called Lucretia.
Current bike: Multistrada 1200S DVT (2017): a truly fabulous bit of kit. I bought this last year to replace the sadly deceased Strada. I have big touring plans for this bike, sadly limited to local runs (well, Wales, Cumbria, N Yorks, etc) at the moment due to current circumstances, but watch this space.

I’m on a few other forums as well (Ducati Forum,, UKMOC) but not terribly active.

I look forward to meeting you all, who knows, maybe one day in person.




Hi James and welcome, we had a ride out over there from Manchester and the West Yorks boys meet in Holmfirth, they get over there a bit, peaks branch would be great. Most branches have their own fab pages as well.
If you want to start a branch contact Guy Gagen, see you soon.

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Thanks Martyn, perhaps see how many fellow Peak District members raise their heads above the parapet, then take a view. Holmfirth isn’t so far in the meantime and a nice ride out.

Hi there Just want to say hello I’m new to the Ducati family :+1:t2:


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Another potential for a peaks branch

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Greetings James. Also in the Peak District, down near Ashbourne. Owned various Ducatis since my first (a 500 Pantah) way back in the mid 80’s. Had one or two Japanese bikes beforehand but we don’t talk about that… Currently got a 2013 Pikes Peak Multi (that will be up for sale soon) a '72 350 Scrambler and a ‘92 Superlight - the only bike that I’ve owned from new and one that I doubt I’ll ever sell, even tho’ it’s been in several large lumps for a while now. Moved to the Peak District soon after I bought the Superlight so been here a while now. There was a local branch when I first arrived and there have been various attempts to revive it over the years. I’d be up for a ride out to Holmfirth at some point - even if my current ride is an old BMW (r100gs)… Cheers, Rob

Hi Rob, thanks for the hello! Would be good to meet up sometime. Tell me more about your PP, a friend of mine up in Cumbria has been making dark mutterings about getting one. I’m on a mission to convert all of my Cumbrian riding group onto Mutistradas. One down so far, three to go… :wink:

Hi, I’m in High Peak, but am into the classic / bevels myself. Happy to link up with others in the area howver. Any rideouts would on my BMW road bike!

Hi there Just want to say hello I’m new to the Ducati family and i live in Great Yarmouth area :+1:t2:

Hi, great decision to join up now you’ve had time to west your Ducati slippers in ha ha.

Hi James
Have just reset my password… The PP is tucked up in a Vacbag waiting until lockdown ends or Spring arrives, whichever comes first, before a thorough service, MoT etc (inc. new front LH indicator thanks to recent clumsiness in the garage…). Hasn’t been used since 2019 - too busy playing with other bikes and I barely rode at all last year. 25k miles, full Givi luggage, crash protection plus other stuff. FSH until it came off the road. Plan is to put it back on the road in the Spring, use it for a few weeks and see how I feel about it but I’m 95% sure I’ll be selling. Maybe I’ll ride over and meet up?

Hi James
I’m also in High Peak close to Chapel. Would be great to meet for a ride and a brew when possible.
Cheers, Ian.