New Member in Kent

Good Morning all , Thank you to Kevin Baker for your assistance in helping me through the signing up process .
I live near Paddock Wood and I’ve had an 1198SP for nearly 8 years now . I have been riding since I was 12 which was on a friends trial bike and got my first second hand old Scrambler ( Suzuki not Ducati at 13 ) which was nearly 40 years ago . My first Ducati was a 250 Mk3 which was disguised as a Desmo .
Hopefully see some of you soon .

Be sure to join the Kent facebook page, a great branch with lots going on

Martyn , thank you . I don’t do my face or whatever it’s called , never trusted it for some reason , but I’ll look out on here for goings on . My only plan so far is I have a ticket with friends for the Valencia MotoGP which is a good end to the season
. After years of going out to the TT , we went to the Classic TT last year and might do that again . In a way more enjoyable than the TT :+1:t2: It was Hailwoods 40th celebration too , so lots of replicas and other Ducati’s were out there .
Thanks again and hopefully see you at some point :+1:t2:

No problem, register on the website for info on Kent and surrounding areas, the branch reps then e mail out and you will be included.

Hi Clarky04, welcome!
The Classic TT was great last year wasn’t it? I was there too, with the Sports Motorcycles team. Fabulous to see John McGuinness on the Hailwood bike …

It was very good indeed and great to see McPint enjoying himself .
The trip was made even better as a mate of mine wanted me to take his beautifull old Monster S4 ( 10 000 miles only ) up there as he was traveling up on a naked bike too . I enjoyed every moment on it even the horrendous rain and 50mph averages on the M25 and M1 . What a great bike and a bit more comfortable than mine .