New member in kent

Thought I would introduce myself. Vernon in Sevenoaks. Relatively new rider…we’ll, I think I am…riding since 2016, but really enjoyed the process, being ahem 50 something now, but I’ve done a fair amount of training, IAM etc. I first had new bikes, but as with my old cars, gravitating towards old/ more characterful bikes. I think some might think I’m crazy, but traded in a 2919 speed triple that I just wasn’t riding (my K1300 seems to be my go to bike at the moment) for a 749r. Imported in 2017 and has done just 174 miles in that time. I know they can be a bit marmite, but the look has really grown on me. I also used to spend a lot of time in Bologna (the company I worked for was based there) so saw the museum and did the factory tour. Hands down the best factory tour I have seen…although admittedly, only did Triumph and Norton…don’t ask…so knew I wanted something from there one day. I do a lot of mechanical work myself, but as this is all new to me and the bike is an unknown quantity with regards to service (surprising, it does have some service history over it’s total 14 k miles…,even a belt service in it’s time here) it’s off to pro team near Maidstone for a going over, Desmo service, belts etc. Looking forwards to meeting a few people around kent…but weather closing in a little now, but we might get some nice days!