New member in Kent

I am in Herne bay Kent I just did a search and found your site and wanted to say hi.
I have a Monster 900ie with a paul smart rep paint job and a few bling bits, a 1993 750ss all standard and will be picking up a Multistrada 100ds next weekend.
Not sure how I have managed to get to having 3 bike. It all started a few years ago when I got my first Ducati a monster 620ie and just enjoyed riding it soooooo much.

Hi Scrapps and Welcome, :smiley: :smiley: that is a nice set of bikes you have there, yes you start of with one them next thing you know they are filimg up your garage, lokk forward to seeing you at some of the events.


Thank you. I am collecting the Multi on sunday and have a 200mile ride home on it so plenty of time to get to know the bike better.
Lets hope the weather is still good. need to find my way around the site so i can find events to visit. hope to meet some peeps soon :smiley:

Hello and welcome, a few events coming up and you are already talking to the right person !!!