New member in sw France

Hello to everyone out there from the sunny sw France
got an 82 500 Pantah not been used for a while, it has the spare room so its in nice condition
just started on the wiring loom as its in need of replacement, going to modify it a bit though (just the wiring)
as funds allow it’ll be back on the road , when i work out how i’ll submit some photos
stay upright Paul

Bonjour! Welcome to DOC GB and Ducati ownership. Pantahs are good choice of bike. first of the belt driven Ducatis.
Are you based anywhere near Montpellier? I have some (Ducati) friends who live there …

Thanks for the welcome , i live about 50ks on the nw side of Toulouse
been to Montpellier once delivering a hen house which i make to order
as i say the Pantah wont be on the road for a while …finances…
would’nt mind taking it round the Nogaro circuit though …mmm
road bike or race bike…decisions…decisions…

stay upright Paul