New member, North-West, classic singles

My name is Craig. Based in the NW of England. I have two 250cc singles, one is a nice original Desmo and the other a tatty 250 Mk3 in desmo trim. I am embarking on the tidy up of the tatty bike and will be posting help requsts here. It won’t be a restoration because it has lost many of the original bits. My aim is to have good useable bike that I can ride and not get too hung up about scratches etc. I also have a Morini 3 1/2 and a Norton Domi. 4 bikes , with a total of 6 cyclinders. A nice low average :slight_smile:


Welcome Craig. Look forward to hearing about your tidy up jobs.

and welcome from me, Craig. I used to have a 250 mk lll, very pretty bike, also a 350 Desmo, and a 250 mach 1 racer - all lovely singles. You’ll meet plenty of other singles owners on here, and I’m sure that they will be able to help you.

Craig hi I quite like the singles also. Plenty of standard bits about if you know where to look. I’m in the Tarporley area when you need a hand. Send requests by PM and hope see you about.